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Label Generator for Barcode and QR Code
Online to making labels, batch exporting(for Printing \ PNG \ SVG \ PDF \ vector PDF). Click to use the label tools
Create Labels Easily and Quickly

No need to download any software, plug-ins, you can create complex labels online. And we provide labeling tools dedicated to barcode and QR code.

Online to Use No downloads and installations, no upgrades, no account registration, don't worry about viruses, trojans and backdoor programs.
Visual Drag-and-Drop Editing Drag and drop and type like PPT to create labels
Barcode/QR Code Specialized Tools Providing tools to create commonly used barcodes and QR codes.
Multiple Data Import Methods Supports Excel/CSV import, also supports text batch import. each row of the data table to generate a label.
Vector or HD Export

Labels are generated as vectors, support SVG, PDF vector document export, also support PNG, PDF high-definition image export.

HD Image Export Selectable five levels of sharpness, up to 9 megapixels of high-definition images can be exported.
SVG/PDF Vector Document Export All label export methods, all support SVG, PDF vector document export, unlimited scaling is still clear.
Multiple Batch Export Methods

Provide direct printing, one label as one file, one label as one page, multi-label on one page (rows and columns average or customize size) and other batch export methods.

Direct Batch, Single-Piece Printing Use local printers, batch or single piece printing
All label file into a zip Generate PNG, PDF or SVG documents for each label, and package all labels into a ZIP file.
Batch Export of One Page, One Label Batch export one-page-one label.
Batch Export One Page with Multi-Label Optional PDF, PNG, SVG document export, documents contain multi-label per page; optional "rows and columns average" or "customize size" page layout.
Numerous Assistive Tools

Provide multiple assistive tools to improve the efficiency of label create and export.

Preview Labels One by One or All Generate labels one by one and preview them one by one; also display all labels and preview them in batch.
Quickly Edit Label Data Generate running numbers, batch edit text content, batch copy, batch insert blank text, support for filtering data duplicate rows, support for table data sorting.
Data Table Search Function Enter keywords and search in real-time in the data table.
Batch Calculate Barcode Check Digits For barcode labels that require a check digit to be generated, the check digit can be batch calculated and corrected, and exported to an Excel file.  Learn more
Automatic Data Caching, Backup and Teamwork

Data and configurations are automatically cached locally and can be backed up and copied, or even shared with others.

Automatic Caching of Usage States The program automatically caches every configuration parameter during operation, and will automatically revert to the previous state of use when it is used again, without having to reopen the program.
Supports Cached Data Backup and Replication The automatically cached data can be exported and saved as a file, and the cached file can be imported again in a new computer, realizing the continuation of the state across computers.  Learn more
Sharing of Archive Data, Support Teamwork Archived data can be uploaded to the cloud for storage, and users with the same authorization code can access the archived data to achieve data sharing and teamwork.  Learn more

DoingLabel is a tool for making labels and barcodes,
Online use, providing comprehensive services for data import, label creation, label export, and printing.

Click to use the label tools